Monday, October 22, 2012

October 22, 2012

Family and Friends first transfer done, Oct 22, 12

It sounds like you guys are getting all ready for Halloween and have some pretty cool costumes made. I better see some pictures of you all in your Halloween costumes I will be waiting for those. ha-ha! I can't believe Jake and Ryan are already home from their missions! Man I wish I could see them and see how much they have changed. I saw Tallen again this week at the gym. Sorry I didn't tell you I saw him last week I just forgot, I will try to right down things during the week that I want to share. I am a little jealous that you guys went to the mountains and got to ride the razors. I haven't touched a steering wheel of any kind in like 3 1/2 months and still counting, ha-ha I am happy though that I get to live in the mountains everyday though.

So this week was the end of the transfer and Saturday we found out that we are still staying in this area and I am keeping my trainer. I am really happy that I still get to teach these people because we are about to have some great success during this next transfer. Also I get to work with the best Spanish ward in Provo and live with the Embrey's, who are so nice and feed us very well. This week was tons of fun and full of different events. Last Monday for p-day we got our whole zone together and went Lazar tagging at Nickel city. That was a blast and just one of those extra things we are blessed with serving in Provo. We also got some new bikes this week from some members. They are good bikes for being purchased at Wal-Mart, but with that super soft seat that mom sent me it rides like it was bought at a mountain bike convention, ha. I just need to take it easy on it because I already pop the tire once trying to do some cool jumps!

I feel like this week we started to receive all the blessings that we have been trying to work for the past 5 weeks. We put two people on date for baptism on the 17 of November. The first one was Noel Gomez. He is a single dad about the age of 50 and is wife passed away about a year ago. We started out teaching him about the plan of salvation and it was weird because it didn't really catch much of his attention. But the more we started teaching him the restoration the more he started asking questions. He would start arguing with us about the Catholic church, but every time he asked us a question we would answer it with a scripture or testify and it would just make sense to him. Then this week we met with him and he just totally shocked us. He said how that he is starting not to believe in the Catholic church and doesn't really like it. Well, we jumped right on this opening and in the lesson asked him to be baptized and he said yes!...

The next person we put on date is the Cordero Family. This story is just the best because when we first met him, he opened the door and said sorry I'm Catholic and I am not changing my mind at all. Well after meeting with them a lot and just being friends with them, the dad started opening up and was asking us a lot of questions. (It is the best when investigators have questions) The great thing I have come to realize in Hispanic homes is if you usually convert the dad you convert the whole family. Well there are 7 people in the Cordero family with five boys that are all baptismal age. So we worked really hard and patiently with brother Cordero and he has just absorbed everything. We asked him and his wife to be baptized and he said yes, but she said she isn't ready which was a little shocking because she was almost more interested than the husband but we were just SO happy that we had gotten to the dad. I can't even tell you how much I love this family too. Besides the Alberto De la Rosa that we baptized I this family is my favorite. Some of people that we teach I feel right at home with them. You can tell by the spirit which family's the Lord has been preparing for our message.

This week I also had the opportunity to go on splits with Elder Ray who was my companion in the MTC for a little bit with Elder Jackson. I went into his area and we were really tested our Spanish not having someone that was fluent in the companionship, ha-ha. That day though I felt like the Lord help me with my Spanish more ever. We taught some pretty good lessons together especially to this one girl Christina who is 16. She runs cross country and so I really used this to relate with her and taught her a principal on faith. It is amazing how close you can grow to someone in just 20 minutes when you are feeling the spirit together. She started opening up to us a lot after not being there for too long and was like on the edge of her seat with everything we told her. She then told us something very personal to her, she can see spirits sometimes and how she can't even go into hospitals because she just gets SO scared. I didn't really know how to act at first and didn't want to get deep onto this subject at all so I just testified to her that with whatever problems she may have she can always pray to her Heavenly Father for help and he will comfort you. I asked her to kneel down with is and pray that she may feel comfort and peace. As she said the prayer you could tell that this was probably the first prayer she had ever said out loud and with such a sincere heart. It was a amazing experience to see her feel better and the power of prayer really help this girl.

I still feel so lucky to be able to invite the spirit into people's life's and see how they feel or look when the feel the spirit really strong for the first time in their lives. The Holy Ghost is the best thing that we have ever been given to help us here on this earth. It is so real and truly is the love of God. I am so happy to hear that mom is really trying to make these fiestas she is doing for Halloween and opportunities to do missionary work. You don't have to be on a mission to be a missionary and when you invite a friend to take the lessons or come to church you are just a blessing to the missionaries in your area. Like this Sunday we had a member in the ward invite a friend from work to church and we didn't even know anything about it! It was awesome to just have another investigator walk through the door like that and after meeting with him after church and having a quick lesson he told us that he has been looking for a long time for a church that he can feel a remission from his sins from. It is also a great feeling to be able to tell him with full confidence that this is that church! It is so easy to share the gospel when it is the truth! It is the true church and I know with all my heart that nothing I am teaching is false or not from the Lord. Thank you so much for your support this week and for the your prayers. I love you so much and glad that I have the last night Breinholt which no Hispanic can pronounce. ha-ha but have a good week pray for obedience in the Provo mission:) I love you again.

Elder Breinholt

(p.s.) does Pampa remember a missionary from his mission field in Mexico with the last name Hokanson? They are the same age and this guy is teaching English in our ward for a mission with his wife and thinks he remembers a elder Breinholt from back in the day in his mission in Mexico.

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