Monday, November 12, 2012

November 12

Dear family, Nov 12,12

I would be lying if I said that this wasn't the craziest week on my mission. Mom and dad I got your letter with the money and thank you so much. I am going to go buy some boots and gloves today. I had one of our investigators make me a scarf so I don't need to buy one of those anymore. Also I got to drive a car this week because one of the English Elders in our district got hurt so I was the only one eligible to drive him to the hospital so it was nice to get behind the wheel for a little after four months. The snow here is awesome and I couldn't believe how much came in just one day. I'll try to put some pictures up if I have time. But I don't really want to waste time on my message today so I am going to get straight down to it. I saw a lot of miracle's this week and have heard a lot of information.

Ok so first I want to talk about my companion. He is a great guy and really funny but is one of those really, really manly guys who is too good to ever show emotion. For instance he has only cried twice before in his life and never on his mission he said. Well I won't lie I have been praying since I have been his companion for his heart to soften up in some areas and this week he just broke down in one of our lessons while giving his testimony. It was with Brother Cordero who has just gone downhill after he went on the Internet to look up things about the church and in our lesson this week he pretty much just called us liars and how the church isn't true. But after Elder Cebreros gave his testimony the guy had nothing else to say and said that he is going to just try to pray and come to church once and if he doesn't like it then he is done with us.

Well I am really hoping that he feels the spirit at church when he goes and likes it because yesterday at church didn't go so well. It's funny cause sometimes you have the mindset that all you have to do is take them to church and they will feel the spirit and have a good time but it's never like that. Yesterday we brought two families to church, one that has been on date for baptism and the other this lady who we have been working with since day one I have been in this area and we finally got her to come to church. Well this lady Adriana told us once sacrament was over that she wasn't liking the way church is going and she wanted to go home so she just took her kids and walked out. Anyway so that was a little hard nut then on top of it this girl Maria Angeles who is suppose to get baptized in 2 weeks told us after the seconded period that she didn't like her class and she actually didn't want to get baptized anymore. I won't lie after she said that I felt like a train hit me and I was just soo down. But we found out that in her class that none of the young women said a word to her and didn't try to make friends with her at all and then on top of it I guess she was asking the teacher if he could teach in Spanish and he just kept teaching in English and she doesn't really know english. Well we had a lot of fun in the third hour of church talking to the young women in the ward and the teacher. It is important that members realize that our responsibility as missionaries we are suppose to teach them and bring them to church and once they are at church it is the members sole and responsibility to take them in and make them feel included. That was probably one of the most frustrating/disappointing Church's I have ever had and I just hope that all of you back home are going out of your way when you see a non member at church. So this week we are really going to try and focus on helping these people see the good in the church and that we don't go to church for the people that are there but for our heavenly father and to partake of the sacrament. hopefully everything works out ok.

I really want to talk to you about this week with the elections and Elder Bednar though. First of Elder Bednar is just a stud and man he is the best teacher in the world. I just wish you all could have been in that room and felt his spirit. He talked to us about faith but we focused a lot on how we need to treat others as agents and not objects. It was really fascinating to learn and realize how much the opposite happens though. For example we should never tell people what to do but just invite them to do something and extend the invitation. That is how he taught us the whole night where he never called on anyone to answer a question, but simply would ask a question and call on us if we wanted to give a answer. It was pretty cool too cause I stood up to answer one of his questions and me and him ended up having a little conversation about the issue so I can definitely say that I have had a conversation with a apostle. ha-ha Anyway it was really cool cause I got to open the door of the church for him and shake his hand before and after the meeting. It is experiences like that mission conference that helps you realize with your own eyes that these really are apostles of the Lord and are the most perfect examples we have here on the earth today and they receive direct revelation from the Lord.

Now I want to tell you what my mission president told me when he was with Elder Nelson from the quorum of the twelve Saturday morning before our thing with Elder Bednar. This has to do with this past election and also that now in America we have more states that are for gay marriage and abortion than ever before. President McCune told me that Elder Nelson stood up in the middle of the meeting they were having that morning and said that this week and had received Revelation from God that he is not happy with this country right now. With the path that this country is heading down that God is not happy at all and he will soon have to take force into his own hands because of the corruption of man. Well with that said you wonder why these things disasters have been happening on the east coast and I just found out yesterday that a 7.0 earthquake is predicted to hit Utah within the end of this year. But the important thing is that Elder Nelson said what has been said again if you are on the right side you need not worry.

It is true, we are in the last days now, and before the apostles and the prophet have told us to prepare and prepare but now all they say is to strengthen your faith repent and share this message so that we can help has many people as we can before it's too late. I know though that what we are doing right now and by following the teachings of this church we are doing what we need to do and we shall not fear if we are on the Lords side.

So do not let all this news that has been going around bring you down but help it motivate you and let you know that we have been saved for these times because the lord knows that we can be those instruments that he needs and that we can overcome anything's with his help. The church is true and man am I grateful to be a part of it. I love you all so much and I hope you are really preparing yourselves showing that this church brings happiness even when things get bad. Thank you for your support and prayers.

with love,

Elder Breinholt

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