Monday, October 1, 2012

October 1, 2012


Dear Familia,                                      

     The last week as been great and full of different events. I found out that you go on splits for 24 hours. ha I didn't know that before the mission, but I had to go on splits with one of the zone leaders this past week. It was a good experience because we literally had lessons from 1 to 9 that night with pretty much no time in between so we didn't get to eat dinner back at our place until after 9. That was Thursday and Friday we had our first zone conference and Elder Calligar  from the quorum of the seventy talked to us for 4 hours that day. The spirit was really strong that day and things were said that I just really needed to hear at that time. The experience as a whole though was very uplifting for me and just what I needed. It really prepare me spiritually for Saturday for the Baptism of Alberto.

     Saturday was one of the best days of my life, and I will never forget that baptism. Sorry Cheyenne and Cole but I have never felt the spirit it so strong before as it was at this baptism. As I have said before the mom of the family is a strong catholic, but the spirit was so strong that her and all their family were crying. We are really going to try this week to meet with her while that feeling is still fresh in her mind.




  So about brother Marriott he is such a nice guy. We were just walking down the street Saturday night just about to go home when my companion and I thought we should go check on one other person. So we were walking down the same street that this guy lived on when we saw brother and sister Marriott out front and they call us over. They just asked us to go talk to their son that is home for a little on medical release. We went in and talk to him for a little while and shared a spiritual thought, and when we were leaving brother Marriott just came over to us in tears and said that are message that we had tonight was just what his son really needed to hear. It just really goes to show that the Lord puts you where you need to be if you just let yourself be guided by the spirit. What my companion and I did was nothing special and was no different then what we would do at someone else's house. Even though that was a great experience for this family is was a great experience for me too and it was just another reminder to me that this is the Lords work. We are his tools to getting his message across to the people in Provo Utah.

     I feel so blessed right now in my life to have such a good companion, great people in our area, an amazing ward that wants to do missionary work, and the spirit I get to feel every day. All I need to do now is just stop stressing so much about this Spanish and just learn it so I can share more of my thoughts and do this work to the fullest.

      Other then that I am going to try and develop some pictures today so that I can send them home in a envelope I have with a letter for mom, Blair, Avery, Logan. I just got  letters Sunday from Alli and Katie so I will try to write you back soon. Oh, also we got some fishing poles from some members this week and on p-days we can go fishing in this river in our area that had some nice trout in it. I would also like it too Madre if you could send some chocolate protein because we have a free membership to Gold's Gym and go to the gym in the morning about 3 or 4 times a week. Well I love you all and I want you all to take some good notes this weekend watching conference. I am so excited for this weekend. I didn't get tickets to it this time but I guess you get to go watch conference at least 2 times while you're out in the field so I will probably be going to the one in the spring. Anyways have a good week and stay out of trouble.

Elder Breinholt

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