Provo Utah Mission

The Ogden, Provo, and Salt Lake City missions were formed on 1 January 1989 from a redivision of the Utah Salt Lake City South and Utah Salt Lake City North Missions. President V. Dallas Merrell, of the Utah Salt Lake City South Mission was made the president of the Salt Lake City Mission. This created a need for a new president for the Provo Mission, which was filled by President Magnusson who began his service on 1 January 1989, when the mission was officially created. The area the mission currently covers was mostly in the former Utah Salt Lake City South Mission. During the service of President Humpherys, the mission was expanded to include Blanding, Monticello and Montezuma Creek, thus taking in all of Utah south of the Uintah mountains. The recent creation of a new Utah Salt Lake City South Mission has altered the northern boundaries of the mission slightly, and Panaca and Mesquite, Nevada have been moved to the Nevada Las Vegas mission.

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