Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday September 24, 2012


This week I had some good days and just bad some other days. It is really hard to find more people to teach in a area that you don't know anyone and sometimes the best tactic you have is to go track. We have started to become friends with a lot of the people this week and build a relationship. I have already realized that sometimes you have to just be peoples friends and just talk to them before you are even able to get your foot in the door for a message. Even though we don't have a ton of people we are teaching, the ones we are teaching are really opening up to us.

I do have my very first baptism this Sunday with Alberta de la Rosa. He is awesome, and we are going to try and invite a lot of people to the baptism this week so that we can maybe spark something up with them. I'm not sure if you remember but last week I said how the mother of the de la Rosa familia is a strong catholic and is the only one in the family that wants nothing to do with us. Well last night we finally got her to sit in on a lesson and I could tell that she really enjoyed it. This morning we found out from the son in the familia that he caught her reading the book of Mormon the other day so I am really excited to see what is going to happen in the next couple weeks with her.

I may not be the best teacher with all the lessons yet and with my Spanish, but with my companions help I was able to come up with a really cool way to begin teaching lessons, and so far every new person that we have met through this activity has been willing to have us come back; so I feel like me and my companion and are pretty good at making people feel comfortable around missionaries. I think this week is going to be good because we are going to try and double the amount of lessons we are teaching and put some people on date for baptism.

Last week we taught a family home evening lesson with this guy and two less active girls and afterwards this guy Zack said that he would one day want to serve a mission because he sees that it really helps you figure out who you are and stuff. Well we are teaching Zack again tonight and my companion and I feel like we should maybe ask him to be baptized.

Other than that nothing too crazy has been going on with teaching, but I won't lie we bike a lot during the day. My butt is starting to become raw from my bike seat ha-ha. I come home every night so sweaty and gross, it's great. Oh, a funny story, we worked on a farm one day this week so that we could get to know the Hispanics and we had to move these huge bags of soil. So me and this other Hispanic were lifting this bag when all the sudden he grabs me and pulls me away. I looked at him like what's wrong and then I saw this huge wasp nest on the side of this big sack of soil. I was so lucky I didn't even get stung and there were a lot of wasp in it, ha-ha other than that and almost getting hit on my bike this week nothing else major happened.

I just want to wish Logan and Avery happy birthday and I'll wait next week to wish mom and Blair happy birthday and Craig and Kristin happy anniversary. I think that is all I hope if I left something out let me know.

I am going to trying and put some pictures up right now so I have to go, but also tell Young that I am so excited about his mission call and start the Spanish now! ha-ha I love you all of you. I want to just leave a scripture with you guys to read. Mathew 5:14-16. for some reason this scripture has came up a lot since I have been out in the field and I love it. Read it and remember to try and have to light of Christ with you always. don't do anything that will drive the spirit away, but only invite it. Its good if people say you look Mormon, because that's means the see something different in you.

Have a good week and I will pray for you all,

Elder Breinholt

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