Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19, 2013

Dear family and Friends!                                  Aug 19, 13
     It just never stops out here. We had a lot of things to do this past week and we even have more to do this upcoming week. It sounds like dad got to spend time with some exciting people this last week. He always does manage to sneak his way into events like that. ha-ha It is a good trait to have.
     This last Tuesday we had a meeting called MLC where all of the zone leaders and sister training leaders in the mission have a meeting together with president McCune. It was a 9 hour meeting where many things were discussed about how we are doing on Facebook and how we are raising the bar in the mission with the standards of excellence changing.   President has been pretty straight forward with the fact that we need to stand up and take responsibility. There has been a big problem I guess in the mission with sisters and elders having feelings for one another. President has a big list already of people he can't put together in the same district when transfers come. This week in the zone we even had a problem with a sister talking to a elder on Facebook...
    Anyways, this week my companion got a boil on his be-hind ha-ha;  so we have been going to the doctors so that the can drain it and make sure it's not getting infected. He was kind of like dad before saying that he was in pain but he didn't want to go to the doctors so I finally talked him into getting it checked out and I guess it was good that he went because it would have kept growing bigger and bigger.
    Our lessons were a little low this week because a lot of our investigators couldn't meet with us. Ana Lopez this lady we ask to be baptized last week showed up to our lesson on Wednesday just beaming! She had read 5 chapters in the Book of Mormon and said she could loved it! It is crazy to see how much her appearance has changed in just a week. She was suppose to come to church on Sunday,  but had trouble with work. Once she finally makes it to church I think she will sky rocket! Also that same night my companion and I had about an hour left for the night to visit people,  but for some reason when we got in the car I felt that we shouldn't  visit any of the people we had planned on visiting. I started driving to an area that felt right and ask my companion if he knew anyone in this area and he said no. I then said well lets go closer to our house since it's getting late so we went through a different neighborhood now and I asked him again if he knew anyone that lived here and he said no.. but then was like well there is this one person my last companion told me about.
     Next thing I knew we were on the front door step and a man opened the door. Before my companion could introduce us he was just like "Elders' come in! " We started talking with him and he introduced himself as Alex, opening up to us being very friendly. Then he told us that ye had actually just been thinking this last Saturday that he needs a change in his life. He doesn't want to fight with his wife anymore and he feels as if life is not going anywhere. He then told us how his wife is a member of the church and really likes the LDS church. So the Sundaybefore he went to church with her and just felt that this was the change he needed in his life.
   My companion and I testified powerfully and shared a little of the restoration with him and told him to pray tonight to God if this is what he needs in his life. We hope to meet with him this week to follow-up, but after walking out of that house I was so happy.   It made me feel good that the Lord had guided us to this man. I have some high hopes for this upcoming week with a lot of people we are teaching. 
      Another family we are teaching the wife is a non member and the husband  is a less active.  We started teaching them about the Book of Mormon and the wife was asking us questions about the Book of Mormon when the husband turns to his wife and just starts testifying to her that this book his true and this is the answer to her prayer! For about 15,  they just had their own conversation about it all as we just sat there. ha-ha It was so cool to see this man teach his wife like that and our goal is to get him the priesthood soon so that he can baptize his wife! They don't know that yet, but It will happen. ha-ha :)
    Well this letter is long enough. I love you all like always and really feel your prayers. Lets me know if you need some up lifting and I can send you a personal letter! Have a good week! The church is true!

                                                               Elder Cory Breinholt

P.S.  Hey so this week I didn't really have time to post much on facebook so I will try this week to post the videos. Also if everyone in the family could share the post I put up that would up so that more people can see them throughout the web!

Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5

Oh my dear Family and other Comrades!                                           Aug 5, 13

     This week might have been one of the weirdest weeks in my mission yet. It was very fun having two companions this week, but it is a little chaotic at times trying to get to other people focused to work. ha-ha I learned a lot from the other missionary though. His name is Elder Abbott and of course he is from Phoenix, AZ. I am glad I will be able to see him after the mission. Right now I am hoping that dad is feeling better. It sounds like he has been in a lot of pain this week. I just said a prayer for him so hopefully he felt it. :)
     So I don't have that much to say this week besides a couple changes that have happened. First off we had a training Tuesday where we were announced to be the 8th mission in the world to go live on facebook. I am now officially a facebook missionary and we are allowed one hour a day or more if we need it to go on and chat with people. It is a little weird I won't lie to go on the internet and I feel like a sinner sometimes. ha-ha Anyway you all have probably seen my post and just remember I will not reply if you try to talk to me on there. ha
   It is that time again and this  morning we got our transfer call to see what is happening for next transfer. So I am changing areas and my companion is getting a missionary that has been out the same time as him. I am going to Provo again! I don't know what I did right , but I was also called to be a Zone Leader. Of course I have very shocked because I have never had leadership on my mission and I have never really cared to, but I guess it's what the Lord wants me to do right now. I love Provo though and my area that I will be in is right next to BYU. My new companion is Elder Aguirre, who is one of the hardest working missionaries I know and he only speaks Spanish so it is going to be a blast!! This area has treated me well and I will miss it dearly. I have made friends for life here that I will always want to come and see! 
  I love you all and I am excited to start a new era of my mission. I have a testimony very strong that the Lord answers prayer and he does whatever we ask for if we ask with faith and are contrary to his will. Thank you for all of your letters this week as well, they're great!

                                                                                                                    Elder Breinholt