Monday, March 4, 2013

March 4, 2013


I must say that my week hasn't been full of crazy and exciting events like moms has. The big question is what kind of trip is dad going to go on with out mom or is he just going to buy another toy and call it even... haha I'm just playing. Mom i am jealous but I'm sorry when it comes to seeing the Latino culture i have you beat! haha Thank you so much by the way for the big box of food. It came in a heater box so i was a little scared that for a seconded you really did send me a heater until i found all of the good food and 20 boxes of fattening cookies for me to eat. Its OK though because i go to the gym 6 days a week and am running a ton. I am feeling pretty prime right now and have the biggest pechos i have ever had.

My companion and I are doing fantastic and we have a wonderful relationship. Yeah he says a lot of bad words but i finally got him to turn off the radio! Mom if you would have called the mission home on that i would have been pretty upset. With all of my companions they always have some kind of habit but it just takes time and you having to earn there trust first before you can bring it up and discuss things. We had a zone conference Tuesday and it was just what i needed. Like always i learned things that i can improve on but also i realized how awesome it is to be living at this time. We watched a video by Elder Nelson in the quorum talking about how in the last general conference when the announced the age change for missionaries that, that meeting was the most important meeting he had been at in his whole life.. and that we are in the middle of history. We have gone from running a Marathon to sprinting with the missionary work. There was one thing that he said that stuck out to me a ton and has made a impression on me. He said " the missionaries in the world today are now paving the road for the second coming." How amazing is that to be able to help prepare the way for the savior. This helped me realized even more of how important this work is that i am doing and that it should not be taken lightly at all. i have always know that but it is always great to be reminded of things and have a different perspective.

So i want to tell if two little miracles that happened to me this week. We have been struggling to find people to teach and i have been praying harder then ever so that we can find new people. Well we received a call Wednesday from a man in the ward who is the only member in his family and he told us that is wife who has had a hard time accepting the Church, is finally OK with allowing there 12 year old son and 9 year old daughter be baptized as long as they want to. What an amazing call to receive has a missionary and has we went over there to start teaching them we did realized that is it mot going to be easy as this 12 year old boy boy Brandon and his sister Andrea want to take there own time and they aren't fully committed to wanting to be baptizes yet but that is OK with me and i am soo happy we have the opportunity to teach these kids. Also Friday we were driving around and i saw this Hispanic man outside racking his leaves and told my companion to pull over so that we could help him. So he did and we went over and started talking to the man and helping him with his yard. We were just about done when he told us, "I was just about to call you guys one of these days because i have been talking with my neighbor and i have some questions i would liked answered". So of course we were excited and made a time to come back and talk with him the next day. Well we went there the next day twice and both times no one answered and we didn't think much because Hispanics are the worst with having scheduled things. haha So Yesterday you can just say that we had the worst luck in the world and We had two investigators lie to us about some things and it was a little discouraging . It was pretty late and i was ready to give up on the day and go home when i finally turned the radio off in the car and said a prayer. After The prayer My companion and i both thought that we should go stop by Albertos house the man that we helped with his leaves. To are surprise they opened up the door and were really happy to see us! We were there for about 30 minutes and probably had the best lesson we have had with someone yet. This man and his wife are really wanting to learn more and i have a really good feeling about them. I walked out of that lesson so grateful and feeling a lot better about the day. All in all it was just what i needed and i felt even better knowing that the lord is still with us and cares about us. It was another stepping stone to streghthening my testimony.

I am loving everyday out here and it is awesome because ever day is different and you never know when your going to knock on the wrong house and have it be full of people having a meeting for the catholic Church or have someone flip you off as you are driving. There is always fun adventures and that's the best part about it all. I love you guys and mom be safe on your trip and also i was wondering the other day is that truck done yet!? i would love to see a picture of that thing. You guys have a good week and i am going to go try and see Cole in the mtc soon! haha


Elder Cory Breinholt

P.S. Did i ever tell you that the only catholic church in all of Utah is right is the middle of my area. Awesome right!

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