Monday, February 25, 2013

February 25, 2013

Dear Family and Friends!

Honestly i don't know where to start right now. My whole life out here has taken a 180 degree turn. Also i got a call about a package Saturday so i am going to be getting it tomorrow at our zone conference. Allie i hope you had a amazing birthday and man i wish i could see yours and Derek's house. send me some pic's of it!

So Wednesday i moved into my new house in Orem and man is it the ugliest/oldest basement i have ever been in. haha On top of it i don’t think the carpets have been cleaned or even vacuumed for ten years or more! The have a really bad smell to them and every time i get out of the shower i try to tippy toe into my room and put socks on as fast as i can so i dont walk on the carpet bare foot! There were 3 baptisms scheduled with i got in this area and they successfully happened Saturday. It was a great feeling to come right into a area and have baptisms. It boosted my energy and desire up more and made me have a very positive look on this area, which is something that i need because now that those people were baptized they are literally only teaching 4 other people and that is it! Soo our teaching pool it tiny and we have a lot of work to do looking for new people to teach. This area is also at least twice the size or more then my last one and we cover 5 stakes and and 2 Spanish wards so this last Sunday we went to 2 churches back to back. it was great and we have about 4 correlation meetings a week which are kinda pointless right now since we only have about one person to report on at each correlation meeting.

I have a very funny story to tell you guys that happened Thursday night this week. My companion and i were visiting people so i could meet the new people in this area and we went by the Martinez family who had 2 kids that got bap. this last Saturday. I was sitting there talking with the mom and getting to know the whole family for a little bit and met Andrea who is 12 and Kevin who is 10 who were getting baptized this up coming Saturday. We were there for about 20 minutes and we my companion started asking questions about the there baptism coming up and he asked them who they would like to baptize them. The 12 year old girl Andrea says "well can anybody i want baptize me!?" And of course we explained that she could have anyone she wanted as long as they are a male that has the priesthood. Well right after we got done explaining she immediately stands up and points right at me and says "I want him to baptize me! " Well you can imagine the look on my face as i was shocked to death because i had only known this girl for 20 minutes or less! On top of it i felt a little bad since the missionary that had been teaching them and i came in and took his place, we are really good friends and we were in the same district together in the MTC. I tried talking her out of it and suggesting Elder Hill should do it since he had been teaching her but she was not going to change her answer, so this last Saturday I got to baptize Andrea Zulema Navarro Martinez. It was an amazing experience and I feel like that it is now my responsibility to look after this girl and make sure that she is always active on the church for the rest of her life. It was a very humbling and touching experience for me and am still wondering why this girl wanted me to baptize her.

Last of all i want to talk about my new companion Elder Arnett. He is from Louisiana, has about 3 months left in his mission, and is twice the size of me. He was state champion in wrestling 3 years in a row and lets just say you do know what to be on his bad side. To start he does not like talking to much, so our first day together not too much was said but things have been getting a lot better. We do have a car in this area, so i am not walking anymore, but my companion drives and just in the last 5 days we have almost been in 3 accidents. Oh and also he listens to the radio in the car (mostly the country stations) and lets just say you do not tell him to turn it off. So it looks like for the next transfer or so i might be having to deal with that and he does not like doing planning at all and doesn't care at all about what other people think. So looks like i am going to be in for the ride this next transfer and I hope i make it out alive! haha Also it is soo funny to hear him speak spanish because he has a thick south accent when he speaks English so he sounds really funny when speaking Spanish and the Latinos always give him weird looks when he starts talking. haha

That is everything major that has happened and i feel like i am going to be relying on my prayers a lot this transfer but in the end i am still excited and know that i am going to learn i lot from this transfer. I am so grateful for your prayers and i love you guys soo much. Have a wonderful week in the nice warm weather!

Elder Breinholt

P.S. I have been going to the gym every single morning since we have one right down the street from us and hopefully i will be able to get rid of my chimpmunk cheeks!!

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