Monday, March 18, 2013

March 18, 2013

Buenos Diaz familia, March 18, 13

It sounds like mom tried too many crazy foods and ended up getting the revenge from it. I feel really bad for Avery and I hope that she is feeling better. I fell like that girl is always sick! She needs to go outside and roll around in the dirt more or something so that she can build up that immune system! Ha-ha I also feel bad for Robert because spending spring break at home isn’t always the best. I hope that little guy is doing alright and maybe I will get a little from him soon. Dad I am glad that you are really busy with work and I think we have switched places lately where I done have any work and have been doing everything I can to find some. I don’t know if you guys heard but Brooke Webster got her mission call to Atlanta, Georgia and leaves July 10th. There are soo many Hermana’s that are coming out in this mission within the next 2 transfers it's kind of scary! Just wanted to make sure that Haley Brown and Brittany Breinholt get a shout out also and that I wish them the best on their missions.

Since nothing has really changed this week I done have much to say but I do have high hopes for this next coming week. After waiting 4 weeks we finally just got a list from both of our Spanish wards yesterday with all the less actives in the ward on it. I am way excited and happy that we have more things to do because I need a break of knocking random doors. The highlight of this week for me I guess was when I we went to the Timpanogas temple Tuesday morning. I am not sure if any of you have been there but soo far that is the most beautiful temple I have ever seen in person. I was blown away at the architecture and stain glass in that temple. It is amazing to be able to go to the temple while I am on my mission as many people do not have the chance too. There are soo many bonuses to serving here and I am sold that this is and will always be the best mission ever no matter what. For the first time ever we were walking the other day and some lady pulled over and gave my companion and I both 20 bucks so that was pretty sweet. Also I we had dinner with a family this week and guess what they are big into golf. So if course I worked my magic and booyaah we are going golfing next Monday for p-day. Words can’t even explain at how excited I am and I can wait to see how bad I have gotten! ha-ha

That’s all I have for today and I hope that I have more for you all next week. Keep up the fun BBQ's and exciting trips and all the crazy things you guys do. I miss you all and hope that I can see that truck done by the time I return maybe. ha-ha


Elder Breinholt (aka la patron de Utah)

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