Monday, March 25, 2013

March 25

How's it going?

Every single letter that I have been getting lately dad is buying something new. I am not sure if business is doing that much better now or if it is the fact that there aren't very many kids in the house anymore he has all this extra money floating around. ha-ha That truck is awesome though. I want to take it down the street for a ride so bad! Also I can't believe Pampa is finally selling those cars. Is he still keeping that blue corvette thing he had in the other garage because if not I will take that one off his hands! ha-ha By the way dad the garage looks cleaner then I have ever seen it in my whole life. Now it won't be so embarrassing to when I open it up to get something out when I have a friend or someone with me. I am sorry about the pictures also, I forgot my camera at home so I can't put any up today but don’t worry I am going golfing today so I will have plenty for ya'll next week.

There were some amazing things that happened this week and I hope that I can explain what happened without destroying it with my horrible typing. I was asked to go to a leadership meeting that we had Thursday this week and in the meeting we got to hear from the guy that was the mission president in California as they filmed the district 2 (the missionary "show" that they have on the BYU channel now). He introduced to us a new way that we are now going to be teaching as missionaries. Yes, they are now changing the way we teach as missionaries... It isn't a really dramatic change, but he put it as "we are now hastening the work, and we now need to hasten the way we teach too so that we can prepare even more people for bap". We still have the normal lesson in preach my gospel, but we are now authorized to teach every single lesson with the pamphlet that they church has.

my whole mission so far I have always used the pamphlet as a homework assignment in a way where I give it to someone to read. now, we teach with the pamphlet, but we do not read it page by page with them. You are suppose to use the pictures they have and the little boxes on the page if you want to add more information. It is suppose to be a very basic and quick way to teach though and we CANNOT be in a house longer then 20-25 minutes without asking them to be baptized if they find these things to be true. I know that isn't very new and its always been said to be done, but now it is strongly being enforced. There were many other things that we learned that we need to do with the book of Mormon and when we teach someone to pray and or the atonement but I will not be able to explain it very well over text. All in all though this new way of teaching we were introduced to is remarkable and I absolutely love it! My companion and I have been doing it in every single lesson now and it is amazing how much stronger the spirit is and how much the investigators are really understanding it. I know that it is revelation from God and it is going to speed up the work in this mission tremendously.

On top of that amazing meeting I received a call later that night from a less active in my last area that I was working with and is a good friend, he told me that Saturday he was going to be sealed to his wife and kids in the temple and he wanted me to come and be one of the witnesses. That was a amazing experience for me and a one of the most sacred experiences I have ever had in the temple. With anyone we teach out here that is the end goal that we want to see them partake of, being sealed to their families for time and all eternity. On top of that (it felt like the blessings never stopped this week) I received another call from my last companion in my last area about this lady Isabel Cruz and her sister Maria De los Angeles. I have talked about them before and this family is very important to me since my companion and I found them my first week in the field and I taught them for 5 ½ months. Anyway I was told that they finally want to get baptized and are getting baptized this Wednesday at 7!! You have no idea how happy I was when I heard that news, it really made me feel like all those prayers and hard work I have put forth towards them as finally paid off... What an amazing feeling of joy that is and it is the reason why all of us are out here so that we can see the joy in other people's lives though this gospel.

I have one more week left of this transfer and then I find out this upcoming Monday if I am staying here (which I think I am) and keeping my companion. I think I am actually going to be receiving a new companion, maybe even training finally but we will find out soon. I love you guys soo much and wish me luck on my golf game today!


Elder Breinholt

p.s. just a reminder for all of you out there! girls, boys, men, woman! especially to the woman my address is:

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