Monday, April 8, 2013

April 8

How's it going party family, April 8,13

This week has felt very long for some reason, but I think the least stressful I have ever felt my whole mission. I can picture in my head all of you guys racing around Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm all day. It sounds like the kids had a blast though and weren't ready to go back home on the car ride back. ha. I received my new companion Wednesday this week. His name is Elder Isom from Provo Utah! yes Provo, he is waiting to receive his visa so that he can head on out to Argentina. He is awesome and we are very alike and both love golf and fishing! It seems like such a long time ago since I came out of the MTC, but at the same time it seems like it was just the other day, weird right? His Spanish is ok kind of like mine was I guess, but I am trying to only speak Spanish with him to help him out (unlike my trainer). We have both been working hard this week and can see our obedience already bringing blessings in just the first week! We put someone on date this week for May 4 and found 3 new investigators to teach.

On top of it all, the Rodriguez family who we have been teaching for a long time and just needed to get married, went to the Sunday morning session of conference which was perfect for them. There were a couple of talks that were about getting married and what kind of husband or wife you should be. The only bad part was they didn't get any translators and since it is in English they didn't understand much, but I know that they still felt the spirit there. I had the opportunity to go to SLC to attend conference at the Saturday morning session and I sat about 10 rows back from the front! It was awesome! We took the light rail down there and then just walked two blocks up to temple square. Somehow everyone in our group that we went with missed the train home and me and another Elder were the only ones that made it on, ha-ha. I have some pictures of it all that I will try to put up today. I don't know if you all noticed, but there was a bold theme this conference. It was centered around missionary work! Wonderful right! One of the big things about missionary work was the importance of being a member missionary. So with that said, I have a challenge for all of you back home. I challenge all of you in the next 3 weeks to invite someone to meet with the missionary's and have them take the lessons in your house so that you can be a great fellowshiper for them. It would be best if it could be someone that lives next to you like a neighbor so that the missionaries in your area can teach them and then they could go to church with you. I know that you guys have busy lives and all, but if you want more blessings in your life and help with the trail you may be going through then fulfill this commitment I have for you.

Especially for all of you that have served missions you know the importance of it and how it can bless your life. We have a perfect example of the blessings of this work in our family as we have a wonderful sister n law Kristin who is a convert to the church. This work is powerful, real, and is now being pushed more then ever by the leaders of our church. So follow the words of the prophet and be a member missionary, not just by finding referrals for the missionaries which is great too, but be a fellowshiper. I know that you all can have these experiences in your life if you just pray for them and ask the Lord to allow you to have a missionary experience in your life. I can't wait to get these conference talks next week and help the members in the wards I cover so that they can become better member missionaries too. I would love it if you all wrote me about the experiences you have over the next couple of weeks as you try to share your testimonies to others. Maybe for Family home evening tonight you all can have Blair, Craig, and Derek teach you how to come about a conversation with your neighbors and do role plays with you. ha-ha

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