Wednesday, February 20, 2013

February 18 2013

Time for change!

I felt really bad about not having a letter for you guys last week and I will try to fill all of you in on what's been going on lately.

I don't know if you remember me telling you that this transfer is only 5 weeks instead of 6 so today I got my transfer call and... yes, my time is done in this area and I am leaving. I am sad of course, because I will miss a lot of people but I am not going too far away. I am getting transferred to Sharon park in Orem! My companion is going to be Elder Arnett and from what I have heard he is a really good guy. I could just feel that I was going to change areas and that the Lord needed me somewhere else. I won't lie, I thought I was going to be a trainer this transfer but, President reminded me again today that he wants to use me to help uplift others so maybe one day I will have a son out here on the mission.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Valentine's day and mom thank you for the goodies! You guys can send me any kind of goodies you want now because I am going to have a gym every morning in my new area. This area the past two weeks has been really good and we have been teaching more less active lessons than almost lessons to investigators, just in the last two weeks we have gotten 3 families to come back to church and it has opened up the doors for us to start teaching some of their kids that were never baptized. I have really seen more importantly then ever how important it is to teach less active members.

Also we had something amazing happen that I wanted to tell you about last week. Hopefully you remember the De La Rosa Family and how everyone in the family was baptized besides the mom. Well a miracle happened where the mom has a friend "Dulce" and her daughter living with them from Mexico. One day we went over there and started talking to her friend and she was interested about learning more right away, so we have been teaching them for the last couple of weeks and the mom has been sitting in on every lesson with her friend. It's amazing how the Lord works, since the mom wouldn't hear us out at all and now that her friend is interested she actually wants to learn more too. In my eyes this friend is a answer to many prayers.

Besides that we have found a couple more people to teach and are still planning on having two baptized at the end of the month. I can't think of anything else to say right now, but my head is still kind of going crazy thinking about my new area right now.

The hardest thinking about being in a area for too long is that it is so hard to leave and I am just hoping that I will have enough time tomorrow to say goodbye to everyone. I was shown once again though that God has a great sense of humo,r because I said yesterday that the one place I don't really want to go to is Orem and of course that's where I'm going! It's like the time I said, I don't want to serve a mission in Utah and then I got called there! ha-ha, but look at me now. I love this mission and I know that I will probably love it in Orem. I want to congratulate Derek and Alli in getting their house finally, and mom and dad with having another anniversary! I love you all and I want to hear how Coles farewell goes! Good luck Elder Stechnji and I know you will do great! Have a good week everyone and preach the word!

Elder Breinholt

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