Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May 6 2013

Buenos Diaz,

     I got a letter from dad this week so I am just going to send my letter to him this time since I know mom is busy. Before I say anything just want to give a shout out to Derek and wish him good luck on the long summer ahead. Alli I hope you stay busy so that he doesn't feel like he is gone for forever.  The good news is its only for a couple months instead of a couple years right? Also about the whole mothers day thing. I decided I am just not going to call home so I can stay a little bit more focused out here.... NOT I will be calling around 4 pm if that's ok. I'll call that morning to make sure its ok and if you guys have come up with a better time to do it just let me know when call, but i cant do it from 9 am to 3 pm because I will be in church those hours.

   Speaking about church, yesterday I was in church literally all day for about 8 hours or so. Talked about being exhausted.. I did figure out though that it is easier to fast all day when you partake of the sacrament 3 times. We got a new bishopric in one of our Spanish wards yesterday which was kind of sad because I loved the bishop in that ward. Its funny because I feel like these wards are like my wards back home sometimes. Elder Isom and I blessed the sacrament in both of our Spanish wards too and taught both of the gospel principle classes also. I realized that before yesterday I had never blessed the sacrament in Spanish before which I found a little funny.

   Even though are lessons were few this week I would say it was a successful week because I finally had a baptism Saturday. I will try to put pictures up today but it was a very spiritually baptism and meant a lot to me sense it had been a while since I have had a baptisms in this area I serve in. Edith Rodriguez the girl that got baptized was the happiest girl person in the world that day. After the baptism we had a stake Cinco de Mayo party that we went to which was the biggest church party I have ever seen!  They had a whole show full of cultural dances and a mariachi band that was so sweet!

     That was everything that I can remember right now that happened during the week and I am still praying that I can have another transfer with my companion before he takes off to Argentina. I will know next Monday what will happen with our next transfer and I will talk to you all in 6 days. I cant wait to hear from you all and hear how weird Avery and Logan are going to sound.  I love you all and be safe.


                          Elder Breinholt

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