Monday, April 29, 2013

April 29

I sometimes don't even know where to start when I sit down to type sometimes. I totally forgot that I am going to be calling in two weeks on Mother's Day. I don't mean this in a bad way, but it almost just feels normal now to just live away from you guys and do what I do all day long. Of course I always miss you guys but I just don't think about home anymore since it doesn't help too. I am hoping in the next couple of weeks though to send home some extra stuff in a box that I have just collected since I have been out here. There was a yard sale a couple house down the street from where we live this week and I got some really cool old church books there for a dollar each! I got a old Hymn book that is a red color and a really old missionary handbook with scriptures in it that they used back in the day.

There were some great things and some bad things that happened this week. Yesterday between 3 different wards we had 8 investigators at church and we are teaching 3 families that are really interested and I think will all get baptized one day. We are still having a baptism this weekend for Edith Rodriguez. Also if you guys still remember the Garcia family that I used to teach in this area and they go to a different ward, they decided to hear from the missionaries in that area after church instead. They are also getting baptized this weekend, even though it isn't our baptism. I am still happy that in the end they are getting baptized.

Ever since I have been in this area I have been praying so hard and trying so hard to get the members active in the week. Well, my prayers were answered this week with one of the stake presidents over the Sharon Park Spanish ward that we cover. They had a meeting with someone high up in the church and let's just say that he is more pumped than ever to do missionary work. My companion and I gave talks in that Spanish ward yesterday and after our talks he stood up and straight up told the members that they need to find people for us to teach, they are to fill up are planners everyday! ha-ha it was a missionaries dream come true to hear the stake president say that. On top of that we finally had someone called Sunday as a ward missionary leader in our other Spanish ward, so we finally will start having support from that ward too.

I have said this before, but I am really happy right now and am so happy with the companion I have right now. We have so much fun together and get along great. I am praying a ton that my companion doesn't get his visa and he is praying a ton that he gets it, so we will see who's faith is stronger... ha-ha. I went on splits with one of the English Elders this week and we thought about going over to my companions house to have dinner with his family, but I just decided to wait until he leaves. I finally got the video from him of when he scared me with a snake after I was saying my nightly prayers, so I will send that to you right now. Tell Robby that I love him and that I hope he can make in another 9 years living in this crazy family. I love you guys and you guys have been amazing lately with writing me letters thank you soo much. Keep it up!

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