Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May 20 2013

Dear family and friends, 5/20/13

This week has not been easy at all. Since are area has cut in half we only have 2 families that we are constantly teaching every week. Let me tell you that 2 is not a very high number especially for this mission. What my companion and I have been doing to keep busy is every single day we try to have a service activity every single day at 1 so that we can get out of the house like we are suppose to. I have really found service useful to find new people to teach and it just makes you feel good every time you help someone. In the morning to make sure we get up on time we go to the private gym at Vincent's Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and then Tuesday and Thursday we play basketball with some ward missionary leaders. I can say that my companion and I are trying to be as obedient as we can so that we can bring forth the miracles that we desperately need right now.

Every single night during the week we have had a ward missionary leader take us out and show us every single person who are in their ward boundaries so that we can find every possible victim and no one can escape us. ha-ha Its is a lot more helpful then us just knocking on random doors and now when they tells us they have no one in correlation for us we know that there are Hispanics that they can visit with us. After yesterday my testimony on ward council grew tremendously. One of the stake presidents we have had a stake council that was centered just around us missionaries since now we are at their finger tips and don't cover that much area anymore. Then he had representatives go around to each ward council and have them center the ward councils on us missionaries. We got some amazing calls yesterday at the end of the day from some excited bishops that are ready to help. I know that we have the people to help get the work going now and the desire, we just need the lord to point us in the direction to the people to teach and serve. Never, ever in my mission will I try to do this work on my own, but only go through the members and have them help us to find people. I am excited to see how that barbeque goes at the house and I am not sure if that book I had send to the house ever got there..

Anyway we are really changing things up to help the work. Also if you guys remember on the phone I told you about the Garcia Family and how we found out that they aren't married. Well we set a wedding date with them for June 15 and they are excited to go through with it. It was going to be sooner, but they want a certain bishop that they know to do it and he doesn't live in the area, so I guess we have to write a letter to the first presidency to get permission to have him marry them. I am learning a lot about the whole marriage stuff that I didn't know and will probably learn more in the next few weeks, but don't worry I am not getting trunky.:)

That's it for this week though and hope Derek kicks butt again selling this week and Craig and Kristin get a big buyer coming through. I can see the blessings that you all are receiving from your obedience to the lord. keep it up and I love you!

Elder Breinholt

P.S. I had to give 2 talks this last Sunday in English. I No longer have fear of standing in front of that pulpit. Also congrats to my best friend Elder Searle for being made AP!

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