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January 28, 2013

Como esta mis gorditos, Jan 28, 13

This week was full of teaching and crying people unto repentance. I gave a talk in church yesterday and actually didn't mess up once with my Spanish so I felt pretty good with that. I talked about the atonement because I have been trying to get this ward more involved with doing missionary work. In Preach My Gospel, it says that as you come to understand the atonement your desire to share this message will grow and you will want to share this knowledge with others more. So that was my main focus on what I talked about. I closed with a scripture in Alma 38:9, that I have really come to love. As I have reflected on the life of Jesus Christ and thought about all the amazing things he did for us; and this is crazy to think, that if you just took the atonement out of his life, his whole life would have been meaningless for us. But the suffering that he went through the day before he died in the Garden was the most important thing. I don't know why, but that just really hit me this week as I was reading through Alma.

Things are looking a lot better with our investigators, but we still have a lot of improvement to make. We have one lady that wants to get baptized, but she needs to get a new job so that she can come to church. I think we found her one this week though, we just have to make sure she wants to do it. I have been so a lot happier lately, and have had a lot more confidence with teaching as I don't worry about the language and just talk as the Spirit directs. I have really grown to love teaching and I find it kind of fun talking with others and telling them new things that they have never heard before from a scripture or just being in a lesson when the Spirit is strong. It does get frustrating sometimes when people have doubts and they just can't get over them, but at the same time that's what makes it fun, and it makes you think a lot more and want to go out and read the scriptures more so that you can expand your knowledge.

Anyway I'm great, warm and enjoying everything. Sorry I totally forgot to tell you about seeing Elder Jacksons dad! He is a really nice guy and it was fun to be able to go out to lunch with him. We shared a lot of good stories and I hope he didn't say I was looking to fat. I'm trying to work out in our house in the mornings, but it's not the same as going to the gym. It stinks that I'm stuck at home, because if I want to go to the gym I have to pay 20 bucks a month and my companion doesn't want to pay that either.

DAD! I can't believe I'm missing your big 50! Man I have to make sure I do a lot of activities with you when I get home before you have a walker or something! ha-ha I'm kidding sorry that was rude. I just ran into Parker Schwartz here at BYU today, he went to Gilbert high and I use to run with him at Greenfield Jr. back in the day. He just got home from his mission from Texas and is up here going to school.

Well, you all be strong this week and stop praying for the snow if you could. I'm sick of it. ha-ha I love you all!

Elder Breinholt

P.S tell Brittany congratulations on the call. One of my favorite Elders out here is from Atlanta, Georgia and he is awesome. They only have the accents more in the South, but they still do love fried chicken so watch out! Also tell Stephen and Cole to write me!

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