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January 14, 2012–6 Months

Six Months! Jan 14, 13

I finally it the quarter mark in the mission and I got to burn one of my ties! It was a fun experience and I did it with an Elder I was in the MTC with. Mom I thought I told you that I enjoyed everything from Christmas. I don't really know what to do with the bowls and cups so I bet the people we live with will like them! ha-ha Also tell Susan Haviland thank you for the cereal and letter. I am definitely going to write Hayden too! I also got those ear muffs the other day and man they help a lot!

Things are changing up here in the mission with transfers this Wednesday and I have been thinking of ways I can improve some of my weaknesses and pick our area up some more. I am staying in my area again for another transfer and my new companion is Elder Ruiz, who I have met before and I am excited to work with him! I know that if we work really hard these next couple of weeks we can definitely have baptisms by the end of the transfer. This transfer is only going to be 5 weeks long though so we are going to need to work our butts off. I think this transfer is going to help me a lot though since I am the only one that knows the area and it will give me a good opportunity to step up and take the lead on some things. Elder Cerberus my companion is going to be a zone leader though so I am happy for him since he has been trying hard to be obedient and achieve that.

This week with the work we not too much has changed. We brought the bishop over to one of our investigators homes that we have been trying for forever to baptize and they go to church all the time, but just can't commit. I think that visit was good for them though and this Sunday especially because a lot of members in the ward really made them feel welcomed. We have a guy named Mario who we are hoping will get baptized within the next month but he still won't come to church so we will have to work with him more but we have a good relationship with him now. The only thing that was a little sketchy was that our investigator that gets off parole in February and wants to take his own time with the discussions, his wife told him that if he doesn't get baptized that she will divorce him...soo that wasn't good. The one thing he didn't want was to feel pressured into getting baptized so that almost killed it for him, but we had a good talk with the family and I think everything will be ok.

Last night I got the chance to hear from Dieter F. Uchtdorf at a fireside and I learned a lot from his talk. It was all about finding the truth of things out for yourself. He talked about how too many people in the church rely on the church leaders and have so much trust in them that whatever they say must be right. In the world especially on the Internet now, we can get our hands on a lot of information and some of it is true, some false, and some false with a little truth. The best way to learn for yourself is to be cautious and let the Holy Ghost dictate what is right and true. That is just another wonderful tool of the Holy Ghost, that we can feel it if worthy what is right or wrong when we don't have the evidence right there when we need it to prove it.

I learned something this week about gifts. Not real gifts but gifts from our Heavenly Father. There are so many gifts that we can have in our lives that are available to us. We already have them but we just need to seek for them and pray for them in our lives. Like the gift of patience. some people say that they just weren't born with patience, ha well you have it you just need to seek and pray for it and be worthy to receive it. I love the opportunity that I have right now in my life to learn so much and to practice and work at a lot of things. I feel like there is always one thing big that I learn every week and it usually comes from just reading the scriptures and discussing it with others.

Dad I hope that your voice gets better and I didn't know that it was so bad. I have been meaning to get letters to all you that have birthdays this month. Craig's happy late birthday and I hope it went well. Kristin, Derek and Dad happy birthday to you all and I can't believe that my dad is going to be 50 this month! man that's old! ha-ha I'm just kidding but I love you all and if you have time go online and watch the broadcast of that fireside.

Take care!

Elder Breinholt

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