Thursday, August 23, 2012

August 23, 2012


       So I won't lie itsounds like there has been some crazy things going on back home. I really hopethat the little kids are starting to feel better, I pray for them every night.Also tell Robert nice job on flooding the basement! ha-ha accidents happenright!? I'm glad I'm not the only one that forgot to do stuff like forgettingto turning off the heater in the hot tub until a day or two later and thebill that month happened to be a little bit more then the month before...ha-haI'm still sorry about that by the way mom and dad.

So this week we finally had aApostle talk to us for our devotional! It's been the first Apostle to come inover 2 months! It was Neil L. Anderson that spoke and the same night it happento be President Thomas S. Monson's birthday. So he Shared some points with usthat the prophet gave him and wanted us to here. It was a very uplifting talkwhich I needed, but also a very informing talk on what specific things theprophet would have us work on. I just wish you guys could have felt the spiritthat was in that room while he was speaking. You would have known without ashadow of a doubt that he was an Apostle of the Lord. I love it when Apostlesget done talking and share their testimonies that they are special witnesses ofthe lord Jesus Christ. Its True...

     I would say that the biggest thingI have learned and strengthened my testimony on this past week is my lovefor the Savior. I have always loved and believed in him, but I have learned toreally be grateful for what he has done for us. He is the Savior of every worldand it is amazing that we just happened to be born on the same Earth as hegained his physical body. I am so grateful that I can walk on the same earth asthe Savior did and that he made it possible so that I can be resurrected and beable to use the atonement. The next time you pray I challenge you to just givehim thanks and talk to him as if he is in the room with you.

I had a wonderful opportunity to just sit in the celestialroom after doing sealing's this morning and the spirit told me things that Ineeded to hear. I know that that was possible only because the Lord knowsus all individually. I am working on trying to look at all the things I havebeen blessed with and I am grateful for before I ask for help with things now.I find myself not asking for as many things as I used to...

      Well I don't have much moreto say, and I don't mean to preach to ya!  ha-ha The MTC is flying bywhich is great cause I can't wait to get out of here and get out in theworld!  Thank you for your prayers and for being great examples tome. Also thank you for those that wrote me dear elders and letters, I have justlearned to cherish every letter I get. I love you all and I hopeeverything gets better back home. 



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